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Texas Seed

TEXAS Pollinator (non CRP)

This mix is designed by wildlife professionals to provide excellent habitat for pollinators and upland game birds. It includes 18 species of wildflower and 6 native grasses. It was NOT designed to meet specific CRP Pollinator (CP42) practice standards. These species do well in a variety of soils and site conditions.

TEXAS Upland Wildlife

This blend of 17 species was designed by our wildlife biologists to provide great upland wildlife habitat in Texas. There are 29.7 grass seeds and 18.84 forb seeds per square foot. It includes 7 high value pollinator species. All species are suitable for all 5 Texas NRCS zones. For a list of species and rates, click for more information.

TEXAS Warm Season Food Plot

25# bag does 1 acre. Warm season food plot mix for Texas deer and upland game. Includes: * 13 #s Cowpea * 2 #s Milo * 10 #s Lablab

TEXAS Cool Season Food Plot

As recommended by NRCS for improving deer food supply. Plant annually in the fall to provide forage during late fall, winter and early spring. Requires 25-30 inches of annual precipitation. 31.5 pounds to the acre. Includes: * Wheat - 15# * Oats - 15# * White blossom sweet clover - 0.5# * Yellow blossom sweet clover - 0.5# * Turnip - 0.5#

TEXAS Perennial Food Plot

As recommended by TEXAS NRCS to improve deer food supply. This perennial food plot is a combination of forbs that can be seeded together to provide yearlong forage. Plant in December - March. Be patient as perennials are slower to establish and don't tolerate heavy grazing during the first year. Plant 40 acres per 100 deer. Blend includes (per acre): * Englemann Daisy - 3#s * Illinois Bundleflower - 3#s * Maximillian Sunflower - 0.75#s * Alfalfa - 2#s * Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - 0.25#s * White Blossom Sweet Clover - 0.25#s * Chickory - 0.25#s