Individual Species Seed

Quality CRP and Other Habitat Seed designed for Wildlife

Species Sold by the Pound

$0.00 / bag   (0.0bags available)
We can provide individual species sold by the pound in 1# per bag rates. Species commonly requested for purchase by the pound appear below. If you do not see a species you would like to purchase individually, please contact us at

Bulk Rice Hulls ($/#)

$2.00 / bag   (1598.0bags available)
Rice Hulls sold per pound. If you've received your seed and discovered that you need a filler to bulk up your seed mix, you can still order Rice Hulls and mix them yourself. We recommend a total seeding weight of 10# to the acre (if your seed mix weighs 3# to the acre - add 7# per acre of rice hulls). Updated February 2023.

Indiangrass VNS (per pound)

$17.00 / bag   (302.0bags available)
Indiangrass (per pound). Sold per pound, in one-pound increments. 1#/ac provides 4 seeds/ft2. Updated Feb 2023.

Timothy (per pound)

$7.00 / bag   (369.0bags available)
Timothy sold by the pound. Recommended pure stand rate 8-10 #/ac. Seeding rate of 1#/acre = 28 seeds/ft2. Updated Feb 2023.

Wildrye, Virginia ($/#)

$11.00 / bag   (272.0bags available)
Virginia wildrye sold per pound. Full seeding rate (monoculture) is 10#/acre (23 seeds/ft2 - very thick stand). When included in a diverse mix of other native grasses and wildflowers recommended seeding rate is no more than 1#/acre (2.3 seeds/ft2). Updated Feb 2023.

Wildrye, Canada ($/pound)

$12.00 / acre   (431.0acres available)
Canada wildrye sold per pound. When included in a diverse mix of other native grasses and wildflowers recommended seeding rate is no more than 0.5#/acre. Updated Feb 2023.

Switchgrass - Cave N Rock (per pound)

$21.00 / bag   (0.0bags available)
Cave N Rock Switchgrass - (sold at $21 per pound) is a warm season, perennial native grass that grows an average of 3-5 feet tall. Highly adaptable to a wide range of soils and growing conditions. Cave-N-Rock is known for providing thick winter cover for pheasants, screening and bedding areas for whitetail deer. Recommended seeding rate is 5# / acre (45 seeds/ft2). Updated Feb 2023.

Switchgrass (VNS)-($/#)

$11.00 / bag   (202.0bags available)
Switchgrass (VNS) -Sold per pound, must order in one-pound increments Updated Feb. 2023.

Bromegrass, Smooth

$6.00 / bag   (0.0bags available)
Cost is $6 per pound. Recommended full seeding rate (single species) is 12#/acre or 6#/acre when mixed with legume(s). Updated April 2023.

Alfalfa (per pound, $/#)

$6.00 / bag   (212.0bags available)
Alfalfa sold per pound in 1-pound increments. Click on species name to order. Updated Feb 2023.

Clover, Crimson ($/#)

$8.00 / bag   (5.0bags available)
Crimson Clover (per pound). Sold in 1# increments. Full seeding rates at 10-15#/acre. If seeding in a clover mix, reduce rate to 3-5# per acre. It can also be included in a native mix to suppress annual weeds at a rate of 0.5-1# per acre. Plant 6-8 weeks before the first frost (early Aug - October) in the fall or in early spring plantings. Crimson clover is an introduced annual legume. This quick establishing legume is easy to grow and tolerant of poor soils and can be effectively added to native conservation mixes for immediate cover to reduce weed competition and soil erosion. As an annual, it dies out in the second year and will not persist in your native planting. It is highly attractive to both pollinators and deer and produces insects valuable to young chicks. Updated Feb 14, 2024.

Clover, Ladino (per pound)

$8.00 / bag   (334.0bags available)
Ladino Clover sold per pound in 1-pound increments. Seed Ladino clover in rates of 1-3#/ac if drilled, 3-5#/ac if broadcast (pure stands). Reduce to 1/3 of rate for mixed clover plantings. If including in a native planting, seed no more than 0.1#/ac. Fall plant August (north) to October (deep south). It can also be planted Jan-Mar in central and northern latitudes. Updated Feb 2023.

White Clover, Dutch ($/#)

$10.00 / bag   (460.0bags available)
Dutch White Clover- Must order in one-pound increments. Updated Feb. 2023.

Coneflower, Purple ($/#)

$50.00 / bag   (66.0bags available)
Purple Coneflower (per pound), (Echinacea purpurea). Sold in one-pound increments. Updated March2023.

Coneflower, Grayheaded ($/#)

$70.00 / bag   (39.0bags available)
Greyheaded Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata) sold in one-pound increments. Updated Feb. 2023.

Milkweed, Butterfly ($/#)

$340.00 / bag   (48.0bags available)
Butterfly Milkweed sold in one-pound increments. Updated Feb. 2023.

Milkweed, Swamp ($/#)

$225.00 / bag   (47.0bags available)
Swamp (Marsh) Milkweed sold per pound in one-pound increments. Feb 2023.

Black-eyed Susan (per pound)

$27.00 / bag   (21.0bags available)
Black-eyed Susan (per pound). Must order in one-pound increments. Updated Feb 2023.

Brown-eyed Susan ($/#)

$100.00 / bag   (48.0bags available)
Brown-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia triloba) sold per pound in one-pound increments. Updated Feb. 2023.

Oats $/LB

$3.00 / bag   (266.0bags available)
Cost is $/#. Order in whole pounds only. 2023.

Egyptian Wheatgrass ($/#)

$6.00 / bag   (831.0bags available)
Egyptian Wheatgrass sold in one-pound increments. Egyptian Wheatgrass is an annual plant and a member of the Sorghum family with approximately a 110-day maturity rate used for screening and temporary winter/bedding cover. Can reach 8 -12 feet in height. Updated March 2022.

Radish, Dakon

$4.25 / bag   (2.0bags available)
sold by the pound

Forage Chicory

$11.50 / bag   (0.0bags available)
Forage Chicory Sold by the Pound


$7.75 / bag   (0.0bags available)
Sugar beet sold by the pound.

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