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Missouri Seed

Missouri Firebreak

Great for establishing burn breaks around your high diversity cover. Includes 49.76 seeds/ft2 of Legumes. 4.3 PLS #s.

Missouri Pollinator (Dry-Mesic)

This mix is plateau tolerant with all species coming from Missouri or surrounding states. It includes 7.4 PLS#s and has a total of 43.12 seeds/ft2: 13.22 grass, 7.11 legumes, 22.79 forbs.

Missouri Pollinator-Forbs Only (Dry-Mesic)

This mix is plateau tolerant with all species originating from Missouri or adjacent states. Seeds/ft2: 7.11 legumes, 22.79 forbs. PLS#s: 5.0

Missouri CP33 CP38 WP

This Plateau tolerant mix has a total PLS#s of 6.4. Seeds/ft2: 30.36 grass, 4.26 legume, 13.69 forbs, 48.31 total.

Missouri CP33 CP38 (Mesic-Dry)

This mix is plateau tolerant. Seeds/ft2: 18.96 grass, 4.26 legume, 13.69 forb, 36.91 total. 7.1 PLS#s.