Food Plot Seed

Quality CRP and Other Habitat Seed designed for Wildlife

Clover Kandy (10# Bag)

$64.00 / bag   (838.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. Clover Kandy is the perfect blend of high protein clovers and other legumes providing the ultimate green browse for deer and turkey while providing nesting and brood-rearing cover for pheasants and quail. This mix stays green most of the year providing the ultimate all-around food plot for deer, turkey, pheasants, and quail. It can also be used for green firebreaks. Clover Kandy lasts 3-4 years before needing to replant.

Dove Kandy Sunflowers (25# bag)

$44.99 / bag   (696.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres. Sunflowers rank first among the favorite foods of wildlife! Dove Kandy Sunflowers will drive your doves, game birds, and songbirds wild! This blend of small, black-seeded, high oil varieties are chock-full of energy - just the ticket to draw doves into early fall shooting fields. Use as a stand alone plot or salt into your other food plots to add diversity.

Blizzard Buster (25# bag)

$69.99 / bag   (650.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres. Blizzard Buster is the 800-pound gorilla of winter food and cover mixes. This 5 grain and 4 tall forage sorghum blend provides maximum shelter and food for game birds in tough winter weather, especially when established in large plots. Planting near existing winter cover will enhance the character of that habitat and improve bird survival.

Covey Rise (25# bag)

$69.99 / bag   (721.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres. Covey Rise is a mix of 5 food heavy grain-bearing sorghums with bright fall colors, super food value and great habitat structure. It creates great hunting habitat and pheasants and quail love it. Though Covey Rise is a bit less attractive to the big game that often clean out food plots, deer and turkeys happily dine on Covey Rise when conditions get tough. Establish with row planters, grain drills or broadcast seeders in well drained areas when soils warm to 60 degrees. Includes: Blend of 5 intermediate grain sorghums adaptable to many areas. Management considerations: Concep-treated for improved weed control. Consider Dual II pre-emergent. Follow label.

Rooster Booster (25# bag)

$58.99 / bag   (767.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 3 Acres. Rooster Booster creates diverse feeding habitat for deer, turkeys, pheasants, quail and other wildlife. It will normally outlast corn-only food plots. This early maturing mix is heavy on sorghums, corn, buckwheat, and German millet. Wide range of components insures heavy wildlife use through the hunting season and winter.

Winter Shield (25# bag)

$66.99 / bag   (898.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres. Winter Shield (aka Nebraska Mix) is loaded with high-yielding forage and grain sorghums and millets to provide the critical energy needed to pull your birds through the toughest winters. It creates among the best winter cover and food available for pheasants and quail. It will increase your bird's health and survival while providing a haven for other wildlife.

Western Food and Cover (25# bag)

$62.99 / bag   (941.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 3-4 Acres. The Western Mix is designed for drier climates that uses short maturity varieties, but it can also create a two year cover plot. Includes an exclusive blend of sunflowers, forage and grain sorghums, sudan grass, sweet clover and millets.

Early Longtail Milo (25# bag)

$64.99 / bag   (852.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 4-5 Acres. Short growing seasons are no longer a barrier to good food production for wildlife. Early Longtail Milo is an early maturing grain sorghum that provides a heavy seed crop in as little as 85 days in normal growing conditions. It makes for great hunting habitat that affords maximum visibility of your bird dogs while working cover.

Duck Kandy (25# Bag)

$69.99 / bag   (4.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. 3 varieties of millets and buckwheat make this mix a waterfowler's dream. This is the perfect mix for wetlands, pond edges, impoundments, and ponded fields. Average maturity is 50 - 60 days. Optimal planting time is June through late July. It can be broadcasted, drilled, or thrown out by hand. Whether you're a serious waterfowler or just want to see more wildlife on your farm, this mix will put more ducks and geese on your property.

Buck, Bird, and Brood Food (25# Bag)

$79.99 / bag   (938.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 3 Acres. Bird, Buck, & Brood Food is a highly-diverse blend of high protein legumes, forbs, brassicas, and small grains providing the ultimate buffet for deer and turkey while providing nesting and brood-rearing cover for pheasants and quail. This mix provides early season food sources, late season food sources, and year-round cover. It is literally the “Jack-of-all-trades” food plot.

Whitetail 365 / Buck B-n-B (25# Bag)

$49.99 / bag   (931.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 0.5 Acres. Whitetail 365 is exactly what its name implies. It’s the perfect Throw & Go mix for any situation on any farm. It can be planted anytime from early spring through late fall. The combination of oats, rye, and peas ensures that something is always growing and providing forage for deer year-round. It can be grown on the toughest ground in the toughest conditions.

Big Buck Brassica (6# Bag)

$59.99 / bag   (910.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. Big Buck Brassica is the #1 seller for hardcore deer hunters. It’s the perfect blend of forage turnips, radishes, and other brassica varieties to attract and keep deer on your property all fall and winter. The high sugar content in the mature plants attracts and keeps deer where you want them. This mix grows fast, maturing in just 45 days.

Dove and Quail Food Plot (25# bag)

$62.99 / bag   (2.0 bags available)
Product ships after March 1st. Dove and Quail mix is for more than just these two great game birds - this is a diverse food plot blend of broadleaf and grass-like plants. This combination of sunflowers, sorghums and millets provide a great food source for doves, and also provide food and cover for quail, pheasants, songbirds and other wildlife. Order by the bag. One 25# bag will produce 3-4 acres of great winter cover. Includes: Sunflowers, grain sorghums, forage sorghums and millet. Management Considerations: Idle this plot in the second year and it becomes a haven for broods with volunteer annuals that attract bugs.

Quail Quisine (12# Bag)

$99.99 / bag   (93.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. Quail Quisine is a proprietary blend of high-yielding annuals including ragweed, grain sorghum, millets, sunflower and partridge pea designed to provide an excellent 2-year food plot for quail and other wildlife. Seed may not be shipped to Illinois, Michigan or Oregon.

Michigan Mix (25# Bag)

$39.99 / bag   (995.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. The Michigan Mix is designed to meet Michigan USDA program standards for food plots. It's a great food and cover blend of corn, sunflowers, millet, and buckwheat.

Whitetail Sanctuary (7.7# Bag)

$119.99 / bag   (998.0 bags available)
1 Bag Plants 1 Acre. Keep the pressure off and the native browse on by planting a permanent bedding area. Providing whitetails with needed native cover and forage will keep fawn recruitment rising and mature deer comfortable. It also provides great thermal cover during the fall and winter months. Mix Components: Switchgrass, Indiangrass, Big Bluestem, Yellow Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Partridge Pea, IL Bundleflower, Wild Bergamot, Canada Milkvetch.