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Minnesota Seed

Minnesota Standard Pollinator

A diverse mix of of native grasses and wildflowers designed to meet the Minnesota CP42 Pollinator Standard.

Minnesota Honeybee Pollinator

A diverse mix of 21 species of native grasses and forbs designed to provide excellent honeybee habitat, great cover for pheasants and meet the Honeybee Pollinator standard.

Minnesota Monarch Pollinator

A diverse mix specifically designed to provide excellent monarch habitat, meet the monarch pollinator standard and great cover for pheasants. Includes 21 native grasses and wildflowers.

MN Honey Bee

Mix designed specifically for honey bees. Does not meet state NRCS standards and should not be used as part of a CRP project. 8.62 PLS #s per acre 40.05 seeds/ft2 85% wildflowers

MN CP25 Mesic

This mix is designed to meet the MN NRCS standard for the CP25 practice on moderate soils (not wet or very dry). MN Calculator Summary: * Grasses: 9 species, 4.72 PLS #s, 21.3 seeds/ft2, 4.9 average COC. * Forbs: 15 species, 17.85 PLS oz, 14.1 seeds/ft2, 4.1 average COC. * Total: 35.4 seeds/ft2, 60% grass, 40% forb, 4.4 average COC, 24 species richness