North Dakota Seed

Quality CRP and Other Habitat Seed designed for Wildlife

ND Basic Pheasant

$65.00 / acre   (496.5acres available)
This mix designed in the NRCS ND CP9 Seed Calculator to meet Standards in the Herbaceous Vegetation Establishment Guide and is appropriate for CRP practices in Eastern ND. Includes (PLS#s/ac): Bonilla Big Bluestem (0.6), Tomahawk Indiangrass (0.49), Butte Sideoats Grama (0.75), Forestburg Switchgrass (0.45), Rosanna Western Wheatgrass (1), Blanket Flower (0.14), Prairie Coneflower (0.08), Plains Coreopsis (0.07), Purple Prairie Clover (0.08), Medicine Creek Maximillian Sunflower (0.1), Black-eyed Susan (0.09), Blue Vervain (0.05), Yarrow (0.04). To view this mix in the seeding calculator or for an option to place your online order, click on the mix title above. 2019.

Eastern ND Dormant CRP Mix

$95.00 / acre   (500.0acres available)
This mix designed to meet the specifications found ND HVEG Guide, 550 Range Planting Specifications and the ND-CPA-9 seed calculator. It is appropriate for Clayey and Loamy soil types in the ND MLRA 55A, 55B and 56. It uses only cool season grasses so is appropriate for drilled fall dormant seedings. If broadcasting rate should be increased by 50% (order 15 acres of seed for 10 acres). Includes (#s/ac): Green needlegrass (2.3), needle and thread (0.48), slender wheatgrass (0.55), western wheatgrass (2), Canada wildrye (0.75), blanket flower (0.21), prairie coneflower (0.03), plains coreopsis (0.03), evening primrose (0.03), purple prairieclover (0.15), Maximilian sunflower (0.04), black-eyed Susan (0.02) and western yarrow (0.01).

ND Saline Soils

$80.00 / acre   (497.0acres available)
This mix designed for Saline Soils in North Dakota. Includes (#s/ac): Green wheatgrass (2.1), slender wheatgrass (1.7), tall wheatgrass (2.7), western wheatgrass (2.5), alfalfa (0.33), western yarrow (0.02).

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