WY PF Upland Dense Nesting Cover

WY PF Upland Dense Nesting Cover. Includes 12 species creating robust nesting cover providing brood rearing habitat and excellent cover for ground nesting birds. Mix ratio is Grass at 55% and Forbs/Legumes at 45% achieving 30 seeds per square foot . Click on PDF to view the species and rates in the PF Seed Calculator. Includes: Orchardgrass (0.5), Wheatgrass, Slender (1.5), Wildrye, Basin (0.75), Wheatgrass, Tall (2.25), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.75), Milkvetch, Cicer (0.35), Turnips, Purple Top (0.35), Flax, blue (0.2), Sweetclover, Yellow (0.2), Sainfoin (w pods) (1.5), Phacelia, Lacy (0.5), Radish, Dakon (2). Updated January 2024. 

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  (244.0 acres available)