WY PF Wyoming Big Sagebrush Native Range Mix

WY PF Wyoming Big Sage Native Range Mix. Suitable for ecological sites that include big sagebrush species achieving 40 seeds per square foot including 14 species of native grasses and forbs along with Wyoming Big Sagebrush. Confirm with your conservation planner before you use this mix for your NRCS project. Click on PDF below to view mix in the NRCS seed calculator. Includes (#s/ac): Wyoming big sagebrush (0.25), Canada Milkvetch (0.2), Rocky Mountain Beeplant (0.14), White Prairie Clover (0.24), Slender Wheatgrass (1.4), Cushion Buckwheat (0.18), Blanket Flower (0.36), Basin Wildrye (1.05), Lewis Flax (0.21), Western Wheatgrass (0.5), Palmer's Penstemon (0.1), Sandberg Bluegrass (0.3), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (1.05), Scarlet Globemallow (0.04). Updated January 2024. 

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  (100.0 acres available)