MT PF Range: Native Grass Forb Legume Mix C

Montana PF Range: Native Grass Forb Mix B. Includes 13 native species with an 85% grass and 15% forb ratio at 25 seeds per foot. Confirm with your conservation planner before you use this mix for your NRCS project. Click on pdf below to view mix in the NRCS Calculator.  Includes (PLS#s/ac): Beeplant, Rocky Mountain (0.14), Blanketflower (0.18), Coneflower, Prairie (0.04), Evening primrose, Common (0.03), Flax, Lewis (0.07), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.11), Sunflower, Annual (0.02), Big Bluegrass (0.2), Needle and thread (0.27), Needlegrass, green (0.96), Wheatgrass, Slender (1.12), Wheatgrass, Thickspike (1.4), Wheatgrass, Western (2). Updated January 2024.

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