MT PF Diverse Pollinator Mix

MT PF Diverse Pollinator Mix. Includes 32 species of native and introduced annual/biannual/perennial wildflowers and legumes. Mix achieves 30 seeds per square foot that bloom throughout the growing season and is balanced at 75% forbs and 25% grass. Confirm with your conservation planner before you use this mix for your NRCS project. Click on mix title to place an order or to view mix in the PF Seed calculator. Includes (#s/ac): Bluegrass, Sandberg (VNS) (0.25), Wheatgrass, Bluebunch (0.65), Milkvetch, Canada (0.08), Prairie Clover, White (0.04), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.07), Trefoil, Birdsfoot (0.1), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.4), Clover, Crimson (0.05), Clover, Red (0.1), Yarrow (0.01), Hyssop, Fragrant Giant(anise) (Blue Giant) (0.06), Milkvetch, Cicer (0.16), Balsamroot, Arrowleaf (0.02), Beeplant, Rocky Mountain (0.08), Coreopsis, Plains (0.02), Blanketflower (0.1), Sunflower, Maximillian (0.1), Flax, blue (0.1), Aster, Prairie (Tahoika daisy) (0.01), Sweetclover, White (0.05), Sweetclover, Yellow (0.05), Bergamot, Wild (Prairie Beebalm) (0.035), Evening primrose, Common (0.03), Goldenrod, Stiff (Rigid) (0.11), Sainfoin (w pods) (0.8), Penstemon, Rocky Mountain (0.05), Phacelia, Lacy (0.4), Coneflower, Prairie (Long-headed) (0.15), Susan, Black-eyed (0.04), Small burnet (0.5), Globemallow, scarlet (0.01), Vetch, Hairy (0.05). Updated January 2024.


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