ID PF Range Native Grass w/forbs Mix E

ID PF Range Grass Forb Mix D- Includes 11 species suitable for many eco-types and NRCS wildlife range practices. Click on PDF below to view mix in the PF Seed Calculator.

Includes (#s/ac): Alfalfa (VNS) (0.45), Blue Flax (0.2), Cicer Milkvetch (0.4), Sainfoin (3.06), Small burnet (1.82), Yellow Sweetclover (0.2), Yarrow (0.03), Sandberg Bluegrass (0.36), Idaho Fescue (0.28), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (1.04), Western Wheatgrass (1.36). Updated January 2024. 

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  (250.0 acres available)