MI Pollinator

Mix designed to meet the Michigan NRCS 327 standard for pollinator (CP42) projects.  Click on mix title to view species and rates or to place an order.  Click on the PDF below to view included species and rates.  Updated 1/8/2024

Includes (#s/ac): Sideoats grama (local, vns) (1), Bluestem, Little (VNS) (1), Partridge Pea (0.3), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.2), Milkweed, Common (0.03), Milkweed, Butterfly (Butterflyweed) (0.03), Coreopsis, Lanceleaf (sand) (0.3), Coneflower, Purple (0.25), Sunflower, Maximillian (0.3), Sunflower, False (Oxeye) (0.25), Bergamot, Wild (Prairie Beebalm) (0.02), Evening primrose, Common (0.05), Goldenrod, Stiff (Rigid) (0.02), Coneflower, Grayheaded (Yellow) (0.05), Susan, Black-eyed (0.174), Aster, New England (0.02), Vervain, Blue (0.05), and Alexander, Golden (0.05).

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