IA CP25 Hawkeye Tallgrass Mesic Prairie 20/20 Mix

All IOWA Ecotype Seed. This 38 species CP25 mix has 20 grass seeds and 20 forb seeds per square foot. Check with your NRCS before ordering.

Includes (#s/ac): Bluestem, Big (VNS) (1.225), Wildrye, Virginia (cool season) (0.324), Switchgrass (VNS) (0.778), Indiangrass (local or vns) (0.681), Dropseed, Tall Composite (Rough) (0.726), Leadplant (0.017), Milkvetch, Canada (0.16), Partridge Pea (0.101), Prairie Clover, White (0.358), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.378), Illinois Bundleflower (Prairie Mimosa) (0.065), Tick-trefoil, Illinois (0.063), Lespedeza, Roundhead (Bushclover) (0.017), Sagebrush, white (0.011), Milkweed, Swamp (Marsh) (0.057), Milkweed, Common (0.064), Butterfly Milkweed (Iowa) (0.019), Coneflower, Pale Purple (0.157), Rattlesnake Master (0.018), Sunflower, False (Oxeye) (0.13), Blazingstar, Prairie (Thickspike) (0.012), Bergamot, Wild (Prairie Beebalm) (0.012), Goldenrod, Stiff (Rigid) (0.02), Beardtongue, Foxglove (Smooth penstemon) (0.031), Beardtongue, Large (shell leaf) (0.058), Obedident Plant (False Drangonhead) (0.012), Cinquefoil, prairie (potentilla) (0.016), Mint, Mountain (Common) (Virginia) (0.012), Coneflower, Grayheaded (Yellow) (0.091), Susan, Black-eyed (0.115), Susan, Sweet black-eyed (Sweet, Fragrant Coneflower) (0.019), Compass Plant (0.083), Goldenrod, Gray (Field) (Old Field) (0.005), Aster, Sky Blue (Azure) (0.01), Aster, Frost (hairy white oldfield) (hairy) (0.004), Spiderwort, Ohio (Common) (0.003), Ironweed (0.034), Alexander, Golden (0.074).

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  (776.5 acres available)