IA CP23 Hydric Grasses Only Mix

This 13 species CP23 GRASSES ONLY mix is designed for Hydric soils. Mix has 40 grass seeds per square foot.

Includes (#s/ac): Bluestem, Big (VNS) (1.089), Sedge, Yellow-fruit (yellow fox) (0.121), Sedge, Bebb's (0.02), Sedge, Bottlebrush (Porcupine Sedge) (0.023), Sedge, troublesome (0.027), Sedge, Pointed Broom (Lance-Fruit Oval) (0.008), Sedge, Fox (0.218), Fowl manna grass (0.034), Marsh Muhly ( Upland Timothy) (0.009), Bluegrass, Fowl (0.168), Bulrush, green (Dark green) (0.028), Woolgrass (0.013), Prairie Cord grass (0.041).


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  (998.5 acres available)