IA CP42/EQIP/CSP Leopold Grass Bump Up

All IOWA Ecotype.  Some programs may require additional grass seed if seeding on highly erodible land (EQIP). This bump up mix will fit that requirement. Has 10 grass seeds per square foot.

Includes (#s/ac): Bluestem, Big (VNS) (0.136), Sideoats grama (local, vns) (0.681), Sedge, Prairie Oval (Shortbeak Sedge) (0.019), Sedge, Fox (0.014), Wildrye, Virginia (cool season) (0.13), Bluestem, Little (VNS) (0.908), Indiangrass (local or vns) (0.113), Dropseed, Tall Composite (Rough) (0.144), Dropseed, Prairie (0.0017).

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  (973.0 acres available)