IA Pollinator Fall Bump Up Mix (Enhancement Mix)

NOW WITH 10 SEEDS PER SQUARE FOOT! Not a CP42 Pollinator mix but an option to add more forbs! This 16 species forb only mix will give your prairie planting more fall blooming flowers.

Includes (#s/ac): Lespedeza, Roundhead (Bushclover) (0.017), Sagebrush, white (0.022), Rattlesnake Master (0.036), Sunflower, Prairie (Stiff, Showy) (0.026), Monkeyflower, allegheny (Square-stemmed) (0.002), Goldenrod, Stiff (Rigid) (0.033), Cinquefoil, prairie (potentilla) (0.024), Susan, Sweet black-eyed (Sweet, Fragrant Coneflower) (0.032), Compass Plant (0.041), Goldenrod, Gray (Field) (Old Field) (0.005), Goldenrod, Showy (0.014), Aster, Smooth Blue (0.02), Aster, Sky Blue (Azure) (0.017), Aster, Silky (Western Silver Aster) (0.004), Vervain, Hoary (0.049), Ironweed (0.034).

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  (985.0 acres available)