IA CP43 20/20 Mix (Prairie Strips)

This 36 species native grass mix is designed to meet the Iowa USDA requirements for CP43- Prairie Strip Program. Mix contains 20 grass seeds and 20 forb seeds per square foot. 

 Includes (#s/ac): Bluestem, Big (VNS) (0.34), Sideoats grama (local, vns) (0.681), Sedge, Fox (0.136), Wildrye, Virginia (cool season) (0.648), Switchgrass (VNS) (0.292), Bluestem, Little (VNS) (0.545), Indiangrass (local or vns) (0.284), Dropseed, Tall Composite (Rough) (0.499), Milkvetch, Canada (0.112), Prairie Clover, White (0.43), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.454), Illinois Bundleflower (Prairie Mimosa) (0.065), Tick-trefoil, Showy (Canada) (0.05), Tick-trefoil, Illinois (0.032), Lespedeza, Roundhead (Bushclover) (0.007), Milkweed, Swamp (Marsh) (0.028), Milkweed, Common (0.032), Butterfly Milkweed (Iowa) (0.006), Coneflower, Pale Purple (0.157), Rattlesnake Master (0.036), Sneezeweed (0.031), Sunflower, Prairie (Stiff, Showy) (0.005), Sunflower, False (Oxeye) (0.13), Bergamot, Wild (Prairie Beebalm) (0.019), Beardtongue, Foxglove (Smooth penstemon) (0.031), Beardtongue, Large (shell leaf) (0.058), Obedident Plant (False Drangonhead) (0.012), Cinquefoil, prairie (potentilla) (0.018), Coneflower, Grayheaded (Yellow) (0.073), Susan, Black-eyed (0.118), Susan, Sweet black-eyed (Sweet, Fragrant Coneflower) (0.006), Compass Plant (0.041), Aster, Sky Blue (Azure) (0.017), Vervain, Hoary (0.078), Ironweed (0.034), Alexander, Golden (0.074).

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