OR PF Diverse Range Grass-Forb-Shrub Mix (Mtn. Big Sage & Rabbitbrush)

OR PF Diverse Range Grass Forb Shrub Mix with 17 species balanced at 65% grass, 35% forb/legume, 35% shrubs suitable for many regions of Oregon. Click on mix title to place an order and to view in the PF Seed Calculator.

Includes (#s/ac): Mountain Big Sagebrush (0.15), Cicer Milkvetch (0.08), Rocky Mountain Beeplant (0.17), Slender Wheatgrass (1.6), Snake River Wheatgrass (1), Rubber rabbitbrush (0.05), Blanket Flower (0.2), Annual Sunflower (0.24), Maximillian Sunflower (0.2), Prairie Junegrass (0.1), Blue Flax (0.2), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.35), Sainfoin (0.68), Sandberg Bluegrass (0.5), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (1.2), Small burnet (0.52), Scarlet Globemallow (0.04). Updated 2022.

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  (246.5 acres available)