IA CP42 Leopold #1 Pollinator 10/30 Mix (Dry/Wet/Mesic)

All IOWA Ecotype. This highly diverse CP42 has 75 species with 10 grass seeds and 30 forb seeds per square foot. This mix is appropriate for dry, wet, mesic soil types. Updated January 2022.

Mix contains:.25lb Big bluestem, .25lb Indian grass, .75lb Side oats grama, 1lb Little bluestem, 0.02lb Shortbeak Sedge, 0.1lb Virginia
wildrye, 0.015lb Composite(rough) dropseed, 0.015lb Prairie dropseed, .005lb Purpletop tridens, .005lb Fox sedge. Forbes:
Autumn onion .01lb, Tall thimbleweed .005lb, Blue Giant Hyssop .01lb, Blue Vervain .03lb, Hoary Vervain .05lb, White Wild
Indigo .01lb, Butterfly Milkweed .02lb, Swamp Milkweed .02lb, Whorled Milkweed .01lb, Common Spiderwort .01lb,
Compass Plant .01lb, Cup Plant .01lb, Prairie Rosinweed .01lb, Rosinweed .01lb, New England Aster .01lb, Smooth Blue Aster
.01lb, Skyblue Aster .01lb, Stiff Aster .005lb, Black-eyed Susan .11lb, Brown-eyed Susan .01lb, Gray-headed Coneflower
.25lb, Pale Coneflower .05lb, Boneset .01lb, False Boneset .01lb, Tall Thoroughwort .01lb, Spotted Trumpetweed .01lb,
Sweetscented Joe Pye Weed .01lb, Canadian Milkvetch .1lb, Partridge Pea .3lb, Prairie Mimosa .5lb, Rattle Box .1lb, Giant St.
Johnswort .015lb, Monkey Flower .001lb, Common Mountain Mint .01lb, Large-flowered Beardtongue .02lb, Foxglove
Penstemon .02lb, Stiff Goldenrod .08lb, Showy Goldenrod .02lb, Tall Blazing Star .01lb, Prairie Blazing Star .05lb, Lead Plant
.01lb, New Jersey Tea .01lb, Prairie Wild Rose .005lb Tall Tickseed .01lb, Prairie Sunflower .02lb, Western Sunflower .02lb,
Ox-eye .1lb, Feverfew, Wild Quinine .02lb, Flowering Spurge .01lb, Golden Alexander’s .1lb, Ironweed .02lb, False
Dragonhead .02lb, Round-headed Bush Clover .05lb, Showy Ticktrefoil .02lb, Purple Prairie Clover .55lb, White Prairie
Clover .05lb, Prairie Phlox .005lb, Rattlesnake Master .005lb, Seedbox .005lb, Common Evening Primrose .05lb, Culver’s Root
.005lb, Wild Bergamot .01lb, Wild Geranium .005lb, Wild Petunia .01lb, Common Milkweed.01lb

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