Annual Prairie Mix

This mix is made up of mostly easy to establish annual wildflowers.  It can be used alone as an annual prairie or you can add it to any of our native mixes to reduce weed competition and increase the splash of color during the first year while the native perennials are getting established.  Not designed to meet any USDA programs.  Includes: Blanket Flower (0.25), Chickory (0.106), Crimson Clover (0.2), Prairie Coneflower (0.094), Plains Coreopsis (0.025), Cosmos (0.5), Blue Flax (0.156), Great St Johns Wort (0.012), Indian blanket (0.219), Great Blue Lobelia (0.006), Monkey Flower (0.001), California Poppy (0.169), Black-eyed Susan (0.031), Blue Vervain (0.031).

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  (67.5 acres available)