Buck, Bird, and Brood Food (25# Bag)

1 Bag Plants 1 Acres.

Bird, Buck, & Brood Food is a highly-diverse blend of high protein legumes, forbs, brassicas, and small grains providing the ultimate buffet for deer and turkey while providing nesting and brood-rearing cover for pheasants and quail.  This diverse mix is critical for antler, muscle, and bone growth for Midwest whitetails.  It’s also the perfect forage mix for turkey hunters.  It provides early season food sources, late season food sources, and year-round cover.  It's literally the “Jack-of-all-trades” food plot.

Mix components:  A blend of 11 varieties of legumes, forbs, brassicas, and small grains including pasja, sweet clover, buckwheat, cool season peas, sunflowers, cow peas, white mustard, alfalfa, rapeseed, millet, and partridge pea.



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