IL Wet Pollinator

This mix of 25 regionally appropriate native grass and wildflower species meets and exceeds the USDA FSA / NRCS 327 standard for the CRP CP42 Pollinator Habitat Practice and is appropriate for wet to wet-mesic sites. Click on the mix title to place your order or view the species and rates in the Illinois Seed Calculator.  Updated January 2021.  

Includes (PLS#s):  Canada Anemone (Meadow Anemone)  (0.11), New England Aster  (0.005), Marsh Blazingstar  (0.01), Common Boneset  (0.002), Cardinal Flower  (0.001), Culver's Root  (0.002), Grass-leaved Goldenrod  (0.003), Riddell Goldenrod  (0.005), Ironweed  (0.015), Spotted Joe-Pye Weed  (0.005), Great Blue Lobelia  (0.003), Swamp Milkweed  (0.02), Mountain Mint  (0.002), Narrowleaf Mountain Mint  (0.003), Mist Flower  (0.02), Monkey Flower  (0.002), Nodding Wild Onion  (0.07), Purple Meadow Rue  (0.075), Seedbox  (0.006), Sneezeweed  (0.02), Sweet Black-eyed Susan  (0.01), Blue Vervain  (0.09), Blue Joint grass  (0.011), Fox Sedge  (0.1), Virginia Wildrye  (0.063).

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