IL CP43 HEL Prairie Strip Shortgrass Quail or Pheasant SAFE

This mix of 26 species meets and exceeds the NRCS standard for the CRP CP43 Prairie Strip Shortgrass practice for HEL ground with greater than 5% slopes. Click on mix title to place an order or view this in the NRCS calculator. Updated 1/11/2024

Includes (#s/ac): Sideoats grama (local, vns) (0.8), Sand lovegrass (0.14), Junegrass, Prairie (0.04), Bluestem, Little (VNS) (1.2), Dropseed, Tall Composite (Rough) (0.3), Milkvetch, Canada (0.01), Partridge Pea (0.15), Prairie Clover, White (0.03), Prairie Clover, Purple (0.15), Illinois Bundleflower (Prairie Mimosa) (0.1), Milkweed, Common (0.031), Milkweed, Butterfly (Butterflyweed) (0.02), Coreopsis, Lanceleaf (sand) (0.1), Coneflower, Purple (0.15), Alum Root (0.002), Bergamot, Wild (Prairie Beebalm) (0.04), Beardtongue, Foxglove (Smooth penstemon) (0.015), Cinquefoil, prairie (potentilla) (0.01), Mint, Narrowleaf Mountain (Slender) (0.003), Coneflower, Grayheaded (Yellow) (0.02), Susan, Black-eyed (0.063), Goldenrod, Gray (Field) (Old Field) (0.003), Aster, Calico (0.004), Aster, New England (0.005), Vervain, Hoary (0.03), and Alexander, Golden (0.07).

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