Regional Mixes Seed

Quality CRP and Other Habitat Seed designed for Wildlife

Spring 2022 Mixes coming Soon

$0.00 / acre   (0.0acres available)
Happy New Year! Updated Indiana CRP and Habitat Mixes will be available in early January. Please check back soon.

Midwest Pollinator Plus 2022

$171.00 / acre   (168.5acres available)
The 52 species Midwest Pollinator Mix was designed to meet the PFQF High Quality Habitat Standard and provide excellent cover for upland wildlife and habitat for pollinators. It was not designed to meet any particular state NRCS standard. Customers who are participating in a Federal Conservation Program like CP42 must instead purchase one of the state specific mixes designed to meet the appropriate standard. Click on mix title to view species and rates or to place an order. Updated January 2022.

Shade Mix 20

$133.00 / acre   (85.5acres available)
This 16 species mix designed for shady sites. Click on the mix title to place an order. Includes (#s/ac): Fragrant Giant Hyssop (0.05), Columbine (0.01), False Aster (0.02), Tall Bellflower (0.005), Pointed Broom Sedge (0.1), Fox Sedge (0.1), Partridge Pea (0.5), Mist Flower (0.005), Plains Coreopsis (0.1), Virginia Wildrye (1), Purple Joe-Pye Weed (0.01), False Sunflower (0.1), Great St Johns Wort (0.02), Wild Bergamot (0.05), Brown-eyed Susan (0.05), Calico Aster (0.003).

Shade-tolerant Supplement 2022

$60.00 / acre   (87.0acres available)
This mix of 9 species is designed to be an overseeding to already established native vegetation along shady timber edges, and woodland openings. Click on the mix title to place an order or to view the species and rates. Updated January 2022.

Tree / Shrub Vegetative Cover

$15.00 / acre   (73.5acres available)
Vegetative cover mix appropriate for use with tree and shrub plantings. Includes (#s/ac): Orchardgrass (0.8), Timothy (0.5), Alsike Clover (0.75), Ladino Clover (0.5). Updated January 2022.

Logging Road Mix 2022

$33.00 / acre   (218.0acres available)
The Logging Road mix was designed for shaded woodland areas like logging roads. It includes a blend of 12 species of grasses and legumes. Click on mix title to place an order or to view species list. Updated January 2022.

Annual Prairie Mix

$50.00 / acre   (118.0acres available)
This mix is made up of mostly easy to establish annual wildflowers. It can be used alone as an annual prairie or you can add it to any of our native mixes to reduce weed competition and increase the splash of color during the first year while the native perennials are getting established. Not designed to meet any USDA programs. Click on mix title to place an order or view species list. Updated Jan 2021.

PF Western Native Turf Mix

$100.00 / acre   (247.0acres available)
Native Turf Mix. Water to establish then turn water down and let grow. 5# units covers 1,000 square feet. Includes Blue Grama, Idaho Fescue, Prairie Junegrass, Sangberg Bluegrass. Click on mix title to place an order or to view in the PF Seed Calculator. Updated 2022.

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