CO PF Western Colorado Pollinator Mix

CO PF Western Colorado Pollinator Mix. Includes 15 species at a ratio of 75% forbs and 25% grass including at least three flowering species from each bloom period (spring, summer, fall). Click on mix title to place an order or to view mix in the PF Seed Calculator.
Includes (#s/ac): Bluegrass, Sandberg (VNS) (0.14), Wheatgrass, Bluebunch (0.62), Prairie Clover, White (0.12), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.59), Yarrow (0.02), Milkvetch, Cicer (0.25), Blanketflower (0.25), Sunflower, Annual (0.15), Sunflower, Maximillian (0.25), Flax, blue (0.15), Sweetclover, Yellow (0.2), Sainfoin (w pods) (1.74), Phacelia, Lacy (0.2), Coneflower, Prairie (Long-headed) (0.1), Small burnet (1.04), Updated January 2024.

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  (246.0 acres available)