QF Mid South Shortgrass Meadow (~$51/#)

This 21 species (5 grass, 16 native wildflower) mix is designed for prairie / meadow grassland restorations across the Mid South Region (see map) on sites with dry to medium soils.  Wildflower species selected for wildlife value and season long bloom and color variety.   

Includes (#s/ac): Blue Wild Indigo (0.05), Sideoats Grama (0.188), Partridge Pea (0.25), Lanceleaf Coreopsis (0.08), White Prairie Clover (0.06), Purple Prairie Clover (0.06), Rattlesnake Master (0.09), Indian blanket (0.1), False Sunflower (0.15), Marsh Blazingstar (0.09), Wild Bergamot (0.03), Stiff Goldenrod (0.03), Switchgrass (VNS) (0.46), Wild Quinine (0.07), Grayheaded Coneflower (0.04), Black-eyed Susan (0.1), Little Bluestem (0.75), Gray Goldenrod (0.01), Composite Dropseed (0.28), Smooth Blue Aster (0.013) and Purple Top (0.188).  Additional species information available in below PDF. 

To order, enter number of units needed in box below (1/2 unit increments) and click “add to cart.”  Repeat for additional products.  To check out, click on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of the page.  Seed may be purchased in ½ unit quantities.  1 unit = 3#.  Recommended seeding rate is 3-6#/ac (1-2 units; 35-70 seeds/ft2).  Cost = $154/unit ($51/#).  Updated July 2022.

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