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Cane Madness Food Plot (25# bag)

Product ships after March 1st.

Cane Madness is a berserk mix of heavy seeded tall cane sorghums for birds, and act as a covering screen for your deer!  This blend provides what birds need most - cover that beats winter, and high energy food.  Cane Madness also creates a dense screen for big bucks that need protection from spying eyes.  Order by the bag.  A 25# bag plants up to 4-5 acres. 

Includes:  Eight (8) strong stemmed forage sorghums with high grain production.

Management Considerations:  Establish with row planters, grain drills or broadcast seeders in well drained areas when soils warm to 60 degrees.  Concep-treated for improved weed control.  Consider Dual II pre-emergent.  Follow label.

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  (25.0 bags available)