IN N (Muck) Monarch 2022

This 21 species mix meets Indiana USDA FSA and NRCS Specifications for the 420 Wildlife Habitat Planting Standard on muck soils.  This mix may be used on the following Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Practices: CP2, CP21, CP23/23A, CP25 Short Stature Prairie, CP33 (field borders), CP38E (Pheasant, Bobwhite, Henslow's Sparrow), CP42 and CP43 (Prairie Strips).   It is also eligible for all EQIP and WRE practices and all CSP practices except Specialized Habitat.  Click on the PDF to view species and rates in the Indiana Seed Calculator Practice Design Check Sheet.  Updated January 2022.

Includes (#s/ac): Swamp Milkweed (0.35), False Aster (0.05), Fox Sedge (0.1), Wild Senna (0.205), Flat-topped Aster (0.02), Common Boneset (0.035), Spotted Joe-Pye Weed (0.01), Fowl manna grass (0.085), Sneezeweed (0.055), Common Rush (0.015), Monkey Flower (0.003), Riddell Goldenrod (0.005), Foxglove Beardtongue (0.05), Mountain Mint (0.02), Sweet Black-eyed Susan (0.045), Green Bulrush (0.03), Woolgrass (0.005), New England Aster (0.01), Blue Vervain (0.1), Tall Ironweed (0.04), Golden Alexander (0.04).

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