CA PF Upland Grass/Wildflower Nesting Cover Mix

CA PF Upland Grass/Wildflower Nesting Cover Mix. Species in mix are of California origin. Designed to provide not only nesting cover but brood rearing habitat the first few years of growth. Grass comprise of 75% of mix and wildflowers at 25% with total mix achieving 40 seeds per square foot. Click on PDF below to view species and rates of mix in the PFQF Seed Calculator. Includes (#s/ac): Seashore bentgrass (0.135), California brome (2), Mountain garland (0.08), Farewell to spring clarkia (0.08), Lanceleaf Coreopsis (0.15), Plains Coreopsis (0.1), Slender Hairgrass (0.22), Wildrye, Blue (1), Wildrye, Creeping (0.4), Nodding needlegrass (0.38), Purple needlegrass (0.4), Lacy Phacelia (0.11). Updated 2022. 

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