CA PF Brood Rearing Pollinator Mix B

CA PF Brood Rearing Pollinator Mix B: Species origins are outside of California. This 20 species habitat pollinator mix is used for upland brood rearing cover and to attract a variety of pollinator species. Click on PDF below to view species and rates of mix in the PF Calculator.
Includes (#s/ac): Yarrow (0.07), Showy Milkweed (0.2), Farewell to spring clarkia (0.4), Rocky Mountain Beeplant (0.3), Lanceleaf Coreopsis (0.4), Wildrye, Blue (1), Rubber rabbitbrush (0.2), California Poppy (0.3), Blanket Flower (0.5), Indian blanket (0.35), Glob gilla (0.03), Annual Sunflower (0.7), Blue Flax (0.4), Birdsfood Trefoil (0.25), Evening primrose (0.4), Lacy Phacelia (0.2), Sandberg Bluegrass (0.2), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (0.4), Crimson Clover (0.2), Hairy vetch (0.35). Updated 2022.

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