WY PF Monarch Pollinator Mix

WY PF Monarch Pollinator Mix with 20 species: 1.5% milkweed, more than 45% of good nectar plants for monarchs, and 25% grass exceeding requirements outlined in NRCS Tech Note 71 "Monarch Butterfly Habitat Development and Maintenance". Suitable for many eco-types and climates of Wyoming. Click on PDF below to view species and rates of mix in calculator.
Includes (#s/ac): Yarrow (0.03), Showy Milkweed (0.23), Cicer Milkvetch (0.4), Yellow Beeeflower (0.11), Rocky Mountain Beeplant (0.17), Rubber rabbitbrush (0.03), Blanket Flower (0.5), Globe gilla (0.03), Annual Sunflower (0.24), Maximillian Sunflower (0.35), Blue Flax (0.2), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.25), Yellow Sweetclover (0.08), Sainfoin (1.7), Palmer's Penstemon (0.1), Sandberg Bluegrass (0.22), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (0.8), Prairie Coneflower (0.45), Small burnet (1), Scarlet Globemallow (0.04). Updated 2022.

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  (50.0 acres available)