IA CP25 Short Dry Prairie 30/10 Mix

This 29 species CP25 mix meets the Iowa USDA requirements for CP25 plantings for dry soils. Mix has 30 grass seeds and 10 forb seeds per square foot. 

Mix Contains:1.4lb Little Bluestem, 1.0 Side oats Grama, .35lb Western Wheatgrass, .54lb Blue Grama, .05lb Arctic Brome, .5lb Composite(rough) Dropseed, .02lb Sand dropseed, .01lb Shortbreak Sedge, .04lb Prairie June grass Forbs: Black-eyed Susan .05lb, Greyheaded coneflower .03lb , Wild Bergamot .035lb, Hoary Vervain .01lb, Prairie Mimosa .1lb, Field Goldenrod .024lb, Purple Prairie Clover .4lb, Partridge Pea .05lb, White Prairie Clover .01lb, Large-flowered Beardtongue .05lb, Butterfly Milkweed .01lb, Purple Coneflower .05lb, Canadian Milkvetch .05lb, Prairie Sunflower .005 lb, False Boneset .005 lb, Golden Alexander’s .05lb, Ox-eye .1lb, Pale Gentian, Yellow Gentian .005lb, White Wild Indigo .01lb, Common Milkweed .01lb. Updated January 2022.

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