IA CP25 Economy Mesic Prairie 30/10 Mix

This 22 species CP25 mix exceeds the Iowa USDA requirements for CP25 plantings. Mix has 30 grass seeds and 10 forb seeds per square foot.

This mix contains: 1.4lb Big bluestem, 1.15lb Indiangrass, .77lb Switchgrass,.135lb Composite (rough) dropseed, .1lb Prairie Junegrass, Virginia Wildrye .40lb, .05lb Sand Dropseed Forbs: Black-eyed Susan .03 lbs, Greyheaded coneflower .03 lb, Ox-eye .05lb, Wild Bergamot .03lb, Common evening primrose .025lb, Prairie Cinquefoil .005lb, Western Yarrow .025lb, Field Goldenrod .018lb, Culver’s Root .009lb, Purple Prairie Clover .01lb, Partridge Pea .1lb, Common Milkweed .01lb, Golden Alexander’s .01lb, Prairie Mimosa .06lb, Purple Coneflower .01lb, Blue Giant Hyssop .011lb. Note: forb weights are in LBS. not ounces! Updated January 2022.

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  (270.0 acres available)