IA CP42 Dry Prairie Pollinator 20/20 Mix

This 38 species native grass mix is designed to meet the Iowa USDA requirements for Pollinator plantings on dry soils. Mix contains 20 grass seeds and 20 forb seeds per square foot. 

Mix Contains:1.45 lb Little bluestem, .50 lb Side oats grama, .54lb Blue grama, .01lb Arctic Brome, .01lb Sand Dropseed, .15lb Composite Dropseed, .005lb Broom sedge Forb mix: Blackeyed susan .05lb, Partridge pea .20lb, Prairie Mimosa .5lb, Gray-headed coneflower .15lb, Stiff aster .005lb, Hairy white oldfield aster .005lb, Large-flowered beardtongue .10lb, Whorled milkweed .001lb, Butterfly milkweed .005lb, Dotted blazing star .005lb, Tall blazing star .01lb, Rattle box .05lb, Autumn onion .02lb, Canadian milkvetch .10lb, Common milkweed .005lb, Common Evening Primrose .05lb, Hoary Vervain .05lb, Ox-eye .05lb, Purple coneflower .05lb, Purple prairie clover .30lb, Round-headed bush clover .03lb, Stiff goldenrod .12lb, Wild bergamot .12lb, Wild petunia .05lb, Prairie phlox .001lb, Common spiderwort .01lb, White Sagebrush .018lb, Alumroot .01lb, White wild indigo .01lb, Golden Alexander’s .05lb, Leadplant .01lb. Updated January 2022.

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