IA CP42 Wet Prairie Pollinator 10/30 Mix

This 36 species native grass mix is designed to meet the Iowa USDA requirements for CP-42 plantings on wet soils. Mix contains 10 grass seeds and 30 forb seeds per square foot.

Mix Contains:.25lb Big bluestem, 1lb Virginia wildrye, .03lb Fox sedge, .01lb Bottlebrush sedge, .01lb Bebb’s sedge, .006lb Yellowfruit sedge, .045lb Fowl Mannagrass, .01lb Green Bulrush, .001lb Woolgrass, .25lb Indiangrass Forb mix: Giant St. Johnswort .055lb, Purple Meadow-rue .01lb, Swamp Milkweed .02lb, Winged Loosestrife .002lb, Sawtooth sunflower .03lb, Blue flag .01lb, Cardinal flower .01lb, Great lobelia .005lb, Boneset .01lb, New England Aster .01lb, Blue vervain .06lb, Ironweed .01lb, Seedbox .008lb, Spotted Trumpetweed .05lb, Monkey flower .004lb, Canadian Anemone .01lb, Prairie Rosinweed .01lb, Sneezeweed .075lb, Golden Alexander’s .1lb, Riddell’s Goldenrod .01lb, Cup plant .01lb., Brown-eyed Susan .05lb, Fragrant Coneflower .01lb, Showy Ticktrefoil .22lb, Sweetscented Joe Pye .1lb, Culver’s Root .008lb. Updated January 2022.

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