IA CP2 Quail Short Grass Dry 30/10 Mix

This 14 species mix designed to meet the CP38 Quail Program standard for CP2 shortgrass on dry sites. 30 grass seeds and 10 forb seeds per square foot. 

Mix Contains:1.45lb Little bluestem, 2.5lb Sideoats Grama, .1lb Composite Dropseed, .10lb Prairie Junegrass, .10lb Fox
Sedge, .035lb Sand Dropseed Forbs: Black-eyed Susan .053lb, Partridge Pea .20lb, Purple Prairie Clover .50lb, Canadian Milkvetch
.10lb, Gray-headed Coneflower .19lb, Prairie Cinquefoil .02lb, Prairie Mimosa .10lb, Showy Ticktrefoil .10lb
CP-38 Quail Program. Updated January 2022.

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