IA CP25 Iowa Ecotype 30/10 Mix

This 34 species CP25 mix is all IOWA Ecotype. Mix consists of 30 grass seeds and 10 forb seeds per square foot. Updated January 2022.

Mix Contains: Mix: 1.5lb Big bluestem, 1.62 lb Indiangrass, 0.75 lb Sideoats Grama, .75 lb Switchgrass, 0.4 lb Virginia Wildrye , 0.5 lb Little Bluestem, 0.72 lb Composite Dropseed, 0.01 lb Fox Sedge, 0.02 lb Shortbeak Sedge Forbs: Black-eyed Susan .055 lbs, Partridge Pea 0.05 lb, Greyheaded coneflower .08 lb, Wild Bergamot .03 lb, Prairie Cinquefoil 0.01 lb,
Culvers Root 0.002 lb, Stiff Goldenrod 0.01 lb, Golden Alexanders 0.05 lb, Ox-eye 0.05 lb, Purple Prairie Clover 0.27 lb, Common Milkweed 0.01 lb, Pale Coneflower 0.05 lb, Smooth Blue Aster 0.03 lb, Showy Goldenrod 0.006 lb, Canadian Milkvetch 0.1 lb, White Wild Indigo 0.005 lb, Ironweed 0.01 lb, Swamp Milkweed 0.01 lb, Pale Gentian 0.01 lb, Pale Indian Plaintain 0.01 lb, Large-flowered Beardtongue 0.05 lb, Rattle Box 0.01 lb, Rattlesnake Master 0.05 lb, Common Spiderwort 0.01 lb, Round-headed Buish Clover 0.05 lb.

Note: forb weights are in LBS. not ounces!

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