MN PF 327 Central/North Monarch Mix

A diverse 23 species mix specifically designed to provide excellent monarch habitat, meet the MN NRCS 327 CP42 Monarch / CP2 Monarch Food Plot Habitat standard and great cover for pheasants. Species origins are MN or neighboring counties appropriate for MN counties north of highway 212. Click mix title for species list or for option to add mix to shopping cart. Updated Sept. 2021.

Includes (#s/ac): Sky Blue Aster (0.0625), Smooth Blue Aster (0.05625), Large Beardtongue (0.02), Wild Bergamot (0.19), Prairie Blazingstar (0.0875), Culver's Root (0.01), Stiff Goldenrod (0.06875), Spotted Joe-Pye Weed (0.05), Leadplant (0.015), Great Blue Lobelia (0.028125), Perennial Lupine (0.05625), Common Milkweed (0.36), White Prairie Clover (0.1), Ohio Spiderwort (0.005), False Sunflower (0.015), Maximillian Sunflower (0.03), Black-eyed Susan (0.155), Hoary Vervain (0.035), Big Bluestem (0.2), Little Bluestem (0.66), Prairie Dropseed (0.07), Indiangrass (0.25), Sideoats Grama (0.52).

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