IA Forb Cafeteria Mix

Use this 14 species mix to Maximize Food Value of Your Forb Mix! All Forbs in the cafeteria mix will add food and insect value in your planting.

Mix Contains: Golden alexanders .05lb, Ox-eye sunflower(false) .05lb, Maximillian sunflower.05lb, Canadian Milk Vetch .1lb, Roundhead bush clover .01lb, Prairie mimosa .5lb,Partridge pea .2lb, Pale coneflower .02lb, Showy ticktrefoil .02lb, Purple prairieclover .19lb, Showy goldenrod .03lb, Rattlesnake master .02lb, White prairie clover.05lb, Common spiderwort .03lb. Updated August 2021.

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