IA Mid-Contract Management Forb Mix #1

Enhance CRP acres with additional native flowers and legumes!! Improves nesting cover, brood rearing cover, adds diversity! 10 forb seeds per square foot. Updated August 2021.

Mix Contains: Black-eyed Susan .05lb, Common Evening Primrose .03lb, Large-flowered Beardtongue .05lb,Prairie Mimosa .3lb, Gray-headed Coneflower .1lb, White Prairie Clover .065lb, Ironweed .03lb, Purple Prairie Clover .2lb, Partridge Pea .5lb, CanadianMilkvetch .3lb, Showy Tiicktrefoil .05lb, Round-headed Bush Clover .05lb, RattleBox .1lb, Illinois Ticktrefoil .02lb, Golden Alexanders .03lb, Wild Bergamot .02lb, Oxeye .03lb. Updated August 2021.

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  (943.5 acres available)