NV PF Basin Big Sage Salt Desert Mix

NV PF Salt Desert Mix. These 10 species of grass, native forbs and shrubs is more suitable for alkaili desert eco-regions, achieving 30 seed per foot. Click on mix title to place an order or to view mix in seed calculator. Includes (#s/ac): Basin Big Sagebrush (0.1), 4 Wing Saltbush (1), Annual Sunflower (0.8), Siberian Wheatgrass (1), Slender Wheatgrass (1.5), Basin Wildrye (1.3), Russian Wildrye (0.75), Shadscale saltbush (0.8), Desert Globemallow (0.12), Greasewood (0.25). Updated 2021. 

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  (250.0 acres available)