KYTN Southern Quail Habitat

This 19 species (6 grass, 13 native wildflower) mix is designed to provide quality habitat for bobwhite quail in the environmental conditions of Kentucky, Tennessee and surrounding areas on sites with dry to moist soils.  Wildflower species selected for wildlife value and season long bloom and color variety.   Seeding rate is 4#/acre (23 seeds/ft2).  

Includes (#s/ac): Wild Bergamot (0.04), Grayheaded Coneflower (0.05), Purple Coneflower (0.2), Lanceleaf Coreopsis (0.25), Stiff Goldenrod (0.03), Illinois Bundleflower (0.25), Partridge Pea (0.3), Purple Prairie Clover (0.1), White Prairie Clover (0.1), False Sunflower (0.2), Maximillian Sunflower (0.15), Black-eyed Susan (0.1), Showy Tick-trefoil (0.15), Little Bluestem (0.8), Indiangrass (0.25), Purple Top (0.15), Sideoats Grama (0.4), Switchgrass (VNS) (0.28), Virginia Wildrye (0.28).

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  (73.0 acres available)