IL Monarch Mix - Monarch EQIP / CSP

This mix includes 30 regionally appropriate native grass and wildflower species meets and exceeds the USDA NRCS 327 standard for the EQIP and CSP program monarch (3% milkweed, 63% monarch preferred wildflower) and pollinator habitat practices.  It is also eligible for other CRP practices including CP42 pollinator and CP38 SAFE and is appropriate for mesic to dry-mesic sites. Click on the PDF below to view the species and rates in the Illinois Seed Calculator.  Updated January 2021.  

Includes (PLS#s):  Golden Alexander  (0.07), Heath Aster  (0.002), New England Aster  (0.005), Smooth Blue Aster  (0.01), Foxglove Beardtongue  (0.02), Wild Bergamot  (0.06), Marsh Blazingstar  (0.04), Grayheaded Coneflower  (0.08), Purple Coneflower  (0.36), Culver's Root  (0.005), Gray Goldenrod  (0.005), Stiff Goldenrod  (0.01), Illinois Bundleflower  (0.32), Spotted Joe-Pye Weed  (0.02), Perennial Lupine  (0.6), Butterfly Milkweed  (0.05), Common Milkweed  (0.08), Swamp Milkweed  (0.07), Mountain Mint  (0.005), Narrowleaf Mountain Mint  (0.005), Partridge Pea  (0.5), Purple Prairie Clover  (0.2), White Prairie Clover  (0.048), Ohio Spiderwort  (0.02), Black-eyed Susan  (0.063), Hoary Vervain  (0.02), Little Bluestem  (0.35), Composite Dropseed  (0.1), Prairie Junegrass  (0.025), Sideoats Grama  (0.25).

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