PF Western Quail Quonset Hut Habitat Mix

PF Western Quail Quonset Hut Habitat Mix. This native species mix of 6 shrubs, 2 grasses, and 2 forbs achieves 50 seeds per square foot and is intended to provide quail and other wildlife escape cover and food sources. Click on mix title to place order and view mix in the PF Seed Calculator. Includes (#s/ac): Indian Ricegrass (0.72), Saltgrass (0.52), Sagebrush, Basin Big (0.25), Saltbush, 4 wing (1.75), Shadscale saltbush (1.75), Quailbush (1), Black Greasewood (1), Milkweed, Showy (0.15), Beeplant, Rocky Mountain (0.7), Hopsage, spiny (0.41). Updated 2023. 

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  (100.0 acres available)