OR PF Pollinator Mix B 12-16" precipitation

OR PF Pollinator Mix B 12-16 inch precip zones. This 15 species mix is designed with guidance outlined in USDA Technical Note Plant Material No. 2A, Click on PDF to view mix in the PF Calculator.

Includes (#s/ac): Yarrow (0.04), Cicer Milkvetch (0.5), Rocky Mountain Beeplant (0.2), White Prairie Clover (0.1), Blanket Flower (0.5), Annual Sunflower (0.24), Blue Flax (0.4), Alfalfa (VNS) (0.5), White Sweetclover (0.2), Yellow Sweetclover (0.2), Sainfoin (1.7), Lacy Phacelia (0.2), Big bluegrass (0.15), Bluebunch Wheatgrass (0.8), Small burnet (1.3). Updated 2022.

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